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VIRUS Removal & PC Optimisation / PC Hardware / Software Mobile Repairs
/ Upgrades / Support,  Internet / Network Support, Computer Graphics & Photography,
Publishing / Printing, MYOB Set Up / Operation / Training,  Web Development / Hosting,
IT Management / Consultancy,  Project Management, Software Development,  System Integration,  IT Training

Quinns Rocks, Perth, Australia
/ Fax  + 61 8  9305 2223
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We have over 40 years experience in the hectic and ever changing world of IT.

We have provided successful, cost effective and creative IT consultancy, development and management services to Australian business and users since 1978, setting strategies and providing solutions which have made their IT systems world beaters. 

In the process we have in some cases saved our clients millions of dollars through our strategies,  hardware and software negotiations on their behalf, and successfully implemented systems.

We provide intranet and internet services, including design, construction, implementation, web hosting and  web management. Creative and appropriate photographic content is included.

No customer too big or too small.  No job too big or too small.

We use ssl eCommerce for secure shop web hosting needs.

We are extensive Microsoft  Users and are skilled in the following areas:-
Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 Ultimate, Visual Basic, Microsoft Expression Web, Microsoft Office, including  Publisher, Word, Excel, Access, Outlook and many other products, IIS, Microsoft SQL Server, Windows Server 2012 (R2),  Windows 2003 Small Business Server.
We use, and are skilled in, All major Adobe and Macromedia Products, including Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrobat.
We use, are skilled in, implement, administer and train in MYOB accounting package.
We use, are skilled in, and train in Numerous other Software Applications.
We do not sell products - either hardware or software - only repairs and consultancy to meet your needs by using IT effectively.
The only qualification to this statement is that, as a service to our customers, we have now become Authorised Resellers of the AVG suite of Security products in order to effectively cleanse viruses and minimise the chances of re-infection in the computers of our clients.

Some of our Philosophies on major IT activities:-

Software Development including for the web

bullet User needs are the driver - not gratification of smart developers trying out new toys.
bullet Systems must be professionally developed, documented and easy to maintain and amend for changing business needs.
bullet The use of a system must be intuitive, secure and self documented - no reference to an external printed manual should be required.
All processes should be user and data driven - coding changes to accommodate business changes should not normally be required.
A good example of this is the REPAC pathology system developed by Camberg for Drs Hendry, Hampson, Schweitzer, Barker, Roberts as long ago as the early & mid 1980s.
The entire system was user driven with behind the scenes transition state tables and data tables providing the flexibility to implement and maintain the system totally without coding changes.
At that time competitive systems required source code changes and program re-compilation to make even minor presentation changes to screen or printed forms and reports,
let alone the creation of new lab departments, tests and reports.

Laboratory based Training

bullet Our Training is related to the solving of actual business needs and problems - not "off the shelf" courses that only address
theoretical issues. When delegates return from training labs, what they have learned should be immediately usable in order to
lessen their daily load. Unless this is the case, all they have really achieved is a full intray occasioned by their time away from 
their desk..

Please see    Resume Clive Campbell - Principal      for some of these details.

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